CryptoPiggys is an exclusive collection established in fine art. Part of the collections are individually developed as one of ones, and others are randomly generated 2D/3D NFT avatars for your physical and digital experience. Own a CryptoPiggy and gain access to a unparallel world in the online and real life.




Unique collection developed by renowned Miami artist Blum. Come join our world of hungry CryptoPiggys with massive appetite!


This is a collection of 777 crypto eating piggys with greedy habits. Each piggy is not generated and uniquely designed by Blum. Making them the rarest NFTs and utilities. And, not only adding value to the metaverse, but the real world with exclusive partnerships and collaborations to provide special access to art, merch and event experiences.


This is a collection of 3333 generated 2D pixelated CryptoPiggys to embark on its journey to the next dimension in the 3d. With over 200 plus traits, we can imagine what the next phase has waiting for us piggys. 




This is a collection of 7777 generated 3D voxel piggys. Currently in development to be used as a special gaming asset. Each avatar is built to function in an online metaverse environments such as sandbox, Axie Infinity and more.

Full Commercial Rights on all CryptoPiggys assets

You own all commercial rights to the images of all your CryptoPiggys as well as the 3D model of your Crypto Piggys Voxel.



Location: Miami

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